Welcome to the Holistic Center “Il Borgo Zen”!

The world, society and people’s individual needs have changed considerably since 1925 when Albergo della Salute first welcomed guests to the picturesque Taleggio Valley, north of Milan.  The hotel and park established by the Martinelli family in the village of Olda over 80 years ago has evolved to become the holistic center for groups “Il Borgo Zen”, but the family’s passion and commitment to quality hospitality is unwavering. 

Holistic center for groups Il Borgo Zen invites you to rejuvenate your spirit in the timeless quiet of ancient woodland trails, fast-flowing mountain streams and waterfalls where undisturbed meditation spaces still exist as a natural sanctuary away from the noisy demands of work and city life.  We offer a variety of affordable rates from full board with three meals a day, bed and breakfast or just a bed and main meal, giving you the opportunity to personalize your stay according to individual or group expectations and financial requirements.

Here, in the stillness of tree covered mountains, you can relax with your students, friends or family and experience for yourself the truth in Gandhi’s famous words: “Be the change you want to see in the world

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