Fresh Air, relax and typical cuisine

The “Albergo della Salute” (Health Hotel) was the original starting point of the current “Il Borgo Zen” Holistic Centre. The Hotel was founded in Olda (Val Taleggio, Bergamo) back in 1925 as a family-run business, who are the source of the service’s passion and care both then and now. Since 1925, many things have changed both inside and outside the Hotel, and the company has undergone significant, at times heavy, economic changes. The Hotel became the precursor of an innovative project, the holistic centre “Il Borgo Zen”, both in terms of being able to keep up with the times and to offer quality services aimed at a new type of tourist demand.

Beginning with what already existed, the Hotel created and generated new life: a set of solutions to satisfy expectations that were different to those in the past, increasingly linked to the search for a 360° global wellbeing concept.

The allure of tradition with the warmth of family service are still the distinctive features of what we offer, all while fully respecting the needs of every guest.


Rooms and services

“our desire to offer and share a unique place for teaching, training and soul searching.”

The Borgo Zen is the ideal place for group activities where you can also relax and organise trips into nature. We offer full-board services with formulas especially designed for your needs in the interest of sustainability and improving quality of life.


Relaxation Area

The Relaxation Area offers a small wellness space with a low-temperature infrared sauna for 5 / 6 people, a cold shower to stimulate circulation, a tub for feet micromassaging with river stones, a hot tub and a sensory cradle for concentration and creativity.


Our recipes

We recommend and share some dishes served at the Borgo Zen to give you the opportunity to relive the emotions you experience at home too. 

All recipes are zero carbon and made with in-season fruit and vegetables.

“A real gem in the centre. Have you ever meditated in a tree? Here you can do that! A harmonious platform in the form of a nest awaits you. You can absorb all the energy of our centenary walnut tree, and enjoy the rare beauty of the panoramic vista.”